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Our Story

Our Story


Bare Island is a Caribbean-inspired brand created by mom-daughter duo, Kim and Nadia. 

Kim was raised in beautiful St.Lucia, a small island in the West Indies. As a child, she learned many natural remedies made with local plants. One of their staple products was homemade coconut oil which was used in many skin and hair treatments. Kim watched, learned, and assisted her mother making coconut oil throughout her childhood -- a skill she never knew would help others. 

As an adult, Kim has used handmade coconut oil to eliminate her second daughter's eczema as well as use it as daily skin moisturizer and hair moisturizer. 

With the help of her daughter, Nadia, Bare Island was born with the mission to provide products to ease and eliminate skin irritations while promoting self-love and confidence. 

(Talk about coming full circle!)